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November 17, 2010



I agree, but you can make a lot of money through tearing things down and destroying them, and you can make a lot of money while adding nothing of value to the world.

Also there are also wildly different viewpoints on value. Going into a company and laying off the work force and selling off the parts might generate value to shareholders but it will also destroy value in terms of knowledge, workforce, and lives, and may have a detrimental or beneficial effect to the world.

Someone who volunteers at a hospital and gives of their time might not improve their 'lot' in life, might not generate any fiscal value in life, but I'm inclined to think they generate immeasurable human worth and value.

Here's to hoping we all find ways of adding to the world in one way or another.


Amen to that Dan. And if you remember, you're the one who forwarded this speech to me.



I suppose A Christmas Carol will stay relevant for some time.

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