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November 09, 2009


Sherry Main

First, I love Ray Bradbury.

Second, great post. I tell my team, friends the same thing all the time... that failure doesn't mean wasted time. It's not an easy to concept for some to grasp, especially the antsy.

Third, great car analogy.


Thanks! I agree, it's tough for some the grasp and that's why we have to keep at it, on message, all the time.


yeah, you'll probably have to move to it at some point anyhow, so the knowledge gained will be useful then, and in addition you may be able to start coding to avoid some of the complications. Were there things that had to be changed for the same reason a lot of times where maybe it should have been compartmentalized in one place?
I'm a fan of code review and refactoring, so to me it still looks like an opportunity to improve the existing code base on the existing platform even if you back out of the 5.1 specific changes.

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